I am reading the second book of the trilogy, but I cannot resist to show you these beautiful covers of The Infernal Devices. I love perfectly the chosen images, which tell you something about the story, capture your attention and in the same time still remain mysterious, so you have to read the book to find out what hides behind that one image of the cover.


There are the three main characters, William ‘Will’ Herondale, James ‘Jem’ Carstairs and Theresa ‘Tessa’ Gray. You may know their name from The Mortal Instruments as well, Jem and Tessa even are characters of those novels, but no spoilers. These covers have the same structure and scheme, and I love the way they make one big picture together, and it seems Tessa has to choose between the two boys. Details of the Victorian London also can be seen on these covers, and some very important things of the story too like the little clockwork angel. The colors of them are perfect too: dark and enigmatic with kind of a fog, like it would be the illusion put on this world of shadowhunters to hide it, and there are those shining, fiery components of the story which bring back life and freedom in that world full of demons and other evil creatures.



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A retrospective glance

This week was crazy, but while I was travelling by train I had time to read at least, so instead of telling unnecessary details let’s see the statistics.

This week I’ve read five books:


  • Libba Bray: A great and terrible beauty (Gemma Doyle 1.) (most annoying character of the week)
  • Dan Brown: Inferno (most gripping story & best character of the week)
  • Cassandra Clare: Clockwork Angel (The Infernal Devices 1.) (dream-guys, villain, cover &  most fascinating story of the week)
  • Jenny Han: The summer I turned pretty
  • Heidi Mclaughlin: Forever my girl

and I’ve started and still reading six other ones:


  • Jennifer L. Armentrout: Opal (Luxen 3.)
  • Libba Bray: Rebel Angels (Gemma Doyle 2.)
  • Cassandra Clare: Clockwork Prince (The Infernal Devices 2.)
  • Terry Pratchett – Neil Gaiman: Good Omens
  • Anne Rice: The Vampire Lestat (The Vampire Chronicles 2.)
  • Markus Zusak: The Book Thief

I wrote some posts about books and movies:

  • Simone Elkeles: Perfect Chemistry
  • John Green: The Fault in Our Stars
  • George R. R. Martin: A Song of Fire and Ice
  • Monica Murphy: Drew+Fable
  • J. A. Redmerski: The Edge of Never
  • Helena Silence: Engima

The moral of the week is, that don’t read funny dialogues, like the ones in the Clockwork Angel, when it hurts to smile, and appetite comes with eating, because I’ve started to like the Gemma Doyle trilogy. I hope I can read more during the upcoming week and I want to visit the library too. Oh, and here’s the end of July so I am writing about the best and worst stories, characters, covers etc. as well. Hope you’ll enjoy reading it.

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2014-07-24 · 17:42

MURPHY, Monica: Drew+Fable

OneWeekGirlfriend AMAZON-horz

I think it is nothing really special, just kind of regular story about love. Why I’ve read it? It still has some interesting parts, like the question of the sexual abuse in family, somehow that Lolita-phenomenon appears too, and I was curious how Drew can get through the consequences. Fable was the other person with problems like an alcoholic mother and a younger brother who tends to get in trouble more often. What happens when these two have to be together for a week pretending being a couple? It’s not hard to find the answer – they fall in love. It is pretty much calculable what happens next, even if it lasts more than a week to become happy. It is like a fairy tale with good getting her or his reward and bad receiving the punishment. In my opinion it was a story for one-night, with nothing really exciting, but… yes, that ‘but’ exists even here. Reading about the way how Drew wants to get away from all his problems and sleep until they resolve themselves, that was something familiar to me and helped to see that this isn’t a solution under any circumstances. So, it has a moral at least. There are two more volumes about Drew and Fable, I don’t know yet if I would read them or not. I see.

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SILENCE, Helena: Enigma


Lena is a special girl, when she touches something she can see clouded images or strange dreams about past, present or future. After her parents die in a crash she feels guilty because of dreaming about it but not saying anything to them, and she tries to avoid any contact with others. According to her father’s last will she moves to her never seen uncle, and learns that he has the same gift. It is interesting to read about how Victor trains her to prevail her skills. Love appears too, Lena meets the neighbor, Zoe Tree and her brother, Alex and falls in love with him while becoming a best friend of Zoe. The relationship of Lena and Alex is kind of complicated because of Cecilia ‘just call me Cilia’, the ex-girlfriend and because of Lena’s talent too. Meanwhile some secrets of the family are unveiled, and in the story appears a serial killer, who tries to take revenge on Lena since she saved one of his victims. So, the story isn’t something simple just about love, and what is Enigma? Enigma is the name of the house the Wall family lives in, but the explanation of the name… read the book, anyway, it’s worth to be read. My favorite character is Zoe Tree, the hyperactive girl from the neighborhood, who is brave, communicative, creative, a bit shy and so human. Alex is also a person easy to like because of being so strong and sensitive in the same time, but I suspect he is created by the imagination of the writer, he seems to be just perfect, too perfect for being real. Anyway, I like the story, I like the characters, and I am waiting for the next volume to find out what happens to Lena and Alex and the people who live there. And I don’t forget the favorite scene – Lena watching the memories of Alex and Zoe’s mother. Honestly, I’ve read books I loved more but last week this one was the best one I’ve met, and it also has the best cover of that week with that mystical reddish-purple color of the flag, touched by somebody. It is like that person absorbs the memories of that leaf, getting know how it has lost its green color, its life. It suggest also something strange, different, enigmatic, a secret which is still part of the past and now somehow is revealed.

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MARTIN, George R. R.: A Song of Ice and Fire


The whole thing started a bit weirdly with Game of Thrones. I was part of an online reader community beside Goodreads and I saw people posting about Targaryens mostly and I didn’t understand references. It seemed to be a very known but not very interesting story. Then my brother started to watch the series and recommended it saying that I like fantasy and Medieval Ages so much, I have to see it, or at least to read. If my brother says so… in the end I’ve read five novels in two weeks during exams. It’s strange to say but I liked a part of it. It is fantasy with dragons and all kind of magic what simply enchanted me. Dragons are my favorite mythical creatures and if they were real they would be my favorite animals too, and in these novel appear some of theme having an important role. I loved them. Beside this fact the story is a fantasy based on history, and it brought the water to my mouth when I found out that Martin’s inspiration were the Wars of Roses. I have to mention here that I am simply into history and even if I don’t like the bloody solutions, these wars resulted in the reign of the Tudors, and so on. I could talk about English history for hours, but these books aren’t about it, just inspired by it. The Song of Fire and Ice has an own history permeated by magic, full with intrigue, pain, death, fight for power, revenge and sometimes even love appears in it. Sometimes the cruelty is unnecessarily much, but the story itself still is exciting. It shows how humans can be if they want something so badly that the end sanctifies the means.

My favorite book was the fifth, A Dance with Dragons, not because of the dragons but because of Arya Stark and the events she goes through in Braavos. She became from the beginning one of my favorite characters because of being so brave and different in a world with its strict expectations. In comparison with her Sansa was the perfect young lady, but I somehow hated her for being so naïve and silly. Another favorite character was Danaerys Targaryen, the Unburnt, Mother of Dragons who grew up in front of me, and the little girl controlled by his brother became a real khaleesi, and later an independent and mighty queen. Favorite scene? Maybe the one when Jaqen H’ghar, the Faceless man from Lorath gives that one special coin to Arya and then he simply changes his face after saying that Jaqen no longer exists. Beside the interesting female characters who were brave enough to think different, to be different in a world like this, male characters were mostly concerned about power, pleasures or being a knight. At first I particularly hated the Lannisters, but I have to say that I liked the way how Jaime had changed while getting through that home journey with Brienne of Tarth. I loved that characters were regular people, who can love and hate and even make mistakes, and nothing special and perfect. For example I didn’t liked the fact that Robert Baratheon as a king was addicted to drinking and had so many lovers and even bastards, but that is something real, something that can be condemned but still human. And the Night Watch with the Crows reminded me of Hadrian’s Wall and King Arthur with his noble knights of the Round Table.

Finally some words about the series too. When I started it parallel with the first book, I liked it because of being very close to the written version of the story. But then… it became so… I don’t really have a word for it. Characters disappeared, events changed, just to realize something spectacular, but because of the many scenes full of sex, cruelty and blood it became something disgusting. It seemed to be just about these and nothing more. And some scenes? When did became the silly Sansa Stark a Sansa Dark? Even beside Petyr. Oh, I forgot, I loved the character of Petyr Baelish, and in the series he was one of the best choices, he just got the right face I imagined for him. Btw. faces and actors – when I saw Sean Bean as Eddard Stark, I felt like I was watching the Lord of the Rings. Boromir, remember? And even if I had my problems with the nearly new story, with the changes I watched every season until now. After the scene of the death of Oberyn I tought that was enough, but I still couldn’t resist to watch the last episode, and I am disappointed. There were so many amazing things and people left out, I don’t think it is bearable if I get back on the screen a totally different story I fell in love with in the books.

In the end, here is my favorite Game of Thrones theme-song:

London Grammar: Devil Inside


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REDMERSKI, J. A.: The Edge of Never


My life, or at least my perspective about it has changed so much because of these novels. Particularly The Edge of Never is the more creditable one, but The Edge of Always has its worth too. The first novel starts with a night out in the city which goes wrong, and after falling out with her best friend and having some really hard days, Camryn Bennett pucks up some necessary things, chooses a random destination, namely Idaho and gets on the bus to go away. On the bus she meets Andrew Parrish, the sexy guy with tattoos, who goes to see one last time his dying father. Instead of finding herself, as she wanted earlier, Camryn finds Andrew, who lives his life as there is no tomorrow, and after she gets saved by this guy the two of them decide to go to Texas, Andrew’s home with a car. During this long way they find not just themselves but each other and love too, and everything’s going to be happy – if Andrew wouldn’t have a secret. The question is that it’s able to ruin their relationship or the bonds between them are already strong enough to survive it? I love this book. I got a new perspective, I understood again that life isn’t endless and we don’t even know when this end comes and what kind of form it’s going have.  Life is worth to be lived. I admire Camryn and Andrew for not pursuing some idealistic dreams about being rich and trying to buy happiness, but they found they path to something more simple: they were happy because they knew who they are and what they exactly want. The story of the tattoo with Orpheus and Electra… my first reaction was that it is so touching. My all time favorite character from Greek mythology is still Orpheus and I was glad to meet somebody who understands his importance and the meaning of his story, so my favorite character from this novels is – no wonder – Andrew Parrish, favorite couple is he and Camryn and favorite scene… when Camryn finds her wedding dress. And btw. wedding dress, I loved the second novel too, it was another tough one with getting through of losing Lily, and it was touching, even if I didn’t cry about it as in the case of the end of the first novel. I’d say that I’d be curious how it could be realized in a movie but I think a movie wouldn’t be enough to reproduce and show those deep feelings, emotions and thoughts the book was able to catch.

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